The oral health guide

According to statistics published by the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 3.5 billion people worldwide are prone to oral infections.

It is therefore undeniable to say that awareness campaigns must be multiplied in order to reach more people and spread the word regarding the seriousness of this neglected issue.

Our breath, speech, drinks and food passes through our mouth. Therefore, taking care and maintaining our health is something that needs our constant attention.

Now, diving into more specific areas of dentistry, dental health and care are our prior concern.

It is Dental Plaque that is continuously forming when bacteria in the mouth mix with sugary food.

Dental plaque, if not properly eliminated after food consumption, starts a demineralization process. This is how the cavities are created. Consequently, this plaque will harden into tartar build-up.

This small bio film can be the source of more than 78% of oral problems according to the global burden of disease (Global Burden of Disease).

It is thus very important to know the preliminary gestures to prevent dental plaque formation and development of cavities and raise the awareness of your patients.

Dentaline is here to make it easier for you to remind your patients from a distance and a lot more.

The rule of 2

Aligning with our daily life and current practical rhythm, the myth of brushing teeth 3 times a day has been refuted by The French Union for Oral Health. Since brushing is inconvenient at noon, professionals recommend reducing it to 2 times a day for2 minutes.

Keeping consistency in executing small daily tasks such as brushing our teeth and taking good care of them regularly isn’t that easy as it looks due to overloaded daily activities and many other reasons.

Here is where Dentaline comes into play.

Dentaline makes the consistency live longer with a whole arsenal of features by sending reminders to your patients when it’s time to brush.

As soon as your patient steps inside your office, you will be able to know if he adopted your specialist advises and to what degree.  

Food, our first ally

The dental plaque mentioned above feeds on starches and carbohydrates that form acids that can dissolve enamel.

Educational videos are made available to your patients on the Dentaline platform so they can be informed of all the precautions they need to take in order to stay healthy.

A dental specialist's opinion

Regular dental check-ups should be a reflex to adopt starting from a very young age.

As a rule, visits should be made twice a year for children and once a year for adults.

Thanks’ to Dentaline’s artificial intelligence, a follow-up of individual records and a reminder is possible for each of your patients to avoid getting swamped and stay closer to each one of them effortlessly.

Neglected oral health generates the transfer of bad bacteria through the intestines and respiratory tract and cause other pathologies.

It is therefore essential for your patients to follow the 3 actions of the guide.

It is up to you to remind them with no effort thanks to our software “Dentaline”, which is enriched and empowered with artificial intelligence.

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