Dentaline – An Offline Cloud

Does using your data without the need for internet connection means anything to you?

A lot of people are asking this question, especially professionals in certain trades, such as dentists, who work mostly with their patients data and need access to it constantly.

So how is it possible to work without the internet ?

Dentaline is here to answer your questions.

In fact, each cloud has asynchronization software that creates an internal copy of your stored files and allows you to access or modify it even in the absence of an internet connection.

How Dentaline operates

Dentaline is designed with the Google cloud which uses a multitude of file types to be able to read, store and synchronize your data.

In case of sufficient disk storage, activation of offline work mode can be done automatically.

The cloud platform includes a range of hosted services for compute, development and storage that run on Google hardware.

If in any case, you wonder what Google cloud is ?

Google cloud architecture

In simple terms we can summarize that Google cloud is basically a set of cloud computing services shared by the same infrastructure that Google uses for its end user products, such as Gmail, Google search etc.

Recognition of the cloud as a compelling model for the usage of IT is something that doesn’t need any further persuasion to believe it as such.

Its practical functionality in the business world is not just plausible, but also decisive and inevitable.

With great dedication and professionalism, as you may notice, we made possible the interaction between the dental industry and offline cloud platforming.  

How Software benefits from Cloud

Here are some of the benefits the cloud can bring to your software :

  • Possibility of access for many applications
  • Strong and efficient synchronization
  • State-of-the-art security system
  • Secure data hosted in data centers approved by the French Ministry of Health
  • Web interface made by our greatest web designers
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Prevention from any loss
  • Competitive edge
  • Quality control
  • Business continuity
  • Excellent price/ performance ratio.

Easy to use, adaptable to all systems and ensuring the highest level of security, Dentaline’s offline cloud service is your software lifeline incase of loss of your internet connection.

Dentaline is available and at your service with it's innovative, pragmatic and convenient features.