Designed by Dentists for Dentists

Being able to get a clear and in-depth understanding and experience the way how things perform and behave is the key to many successes. 

When we say experience, by that we mean, knowledge accompanied by years spent working on that particular major.

And this is what we have done in the last decade. Exclusively dedicated the efforts working on Periosystem and taking this field of study in whole another level of expertise.

Having this experience in disposal, we were ready to refine our knowledge in Periodontology and understand more in depth the demands Periodontal practitioners continuously face.  

After several market and benchmarking studies and listening the needs of dental practitioners we were able to assemble their needs and offer a product adapted to each in return.

Dentaline was imagined by dentists, whereas we were only the sculptors of this digital masterpiece.

The consideration of needs was not only technical but also on the design and personal needs of the practitioner during his long working days.

It was a question of saving him physical and moral effort, time, and expenses.

Dental Software, no learning curve

Easy to use, Dentaline follows you instinctively in your operations and offers you a range of solutions without feeling the need for prior training on its use.

Productivity will be increased thanks to a remarkable time-saving way of working that your patients will be happy to note. 

While we were designing the Dentaline software with a periosystem and Odontogram scheme, one of our targets which we aimed to achieve was affecting the lives of dental practitioners.

Helping them to change for the better their daily life routine by making it possible to store and track the patient's dental history in the easiest way.

The second most important aim of our journey in creating the Dentaline software was to give the opportunity to the patients to feel more willing to go for a dental checkup.

Thus, his dentist will know his dentistry background, and if not yet, he will be able to store the data easily and fast for the future use.

A time saving will be noticed in all the consultation steps:

  • appointment booking,
  • file reading,
  • care performed (statistics, visualizing, charting graph, etc.)
  • patient status,
  • billing,
  • follow-up, and
  • scheduling the patient’s next appointment. 

Due to your personal experience we consider no further explanation is needed regarding the challenges that you, dental practitioners face in daily basis.

Stress free solution

On the other hand, when it comes to easing your frustration and your difficulties during the patient examination and treatment we strongly and confidently insist that our Dentaline product is the solution.

The data which are stored in Dentaline platform are saved in the cloud, which makes it attractive for many reasons, from which the main ones are; the possibility for easy access through different devices, easy and synchronized updates of the data, as well as the high security from data loss.

The special feature; Dentaline platform is empowered with Artificial Intelligence analysis. This enables a faster and more in-depth analysis of data stored in the platform.

In conclusion, our engineers took into account a multitude of needs, reshaped and refined them to create Dentaline.

We will continue to follow the evolution of the dental practitioners profession while keeping a step ahead of their needs and making possible for them the easy way of operating in their clinics.

For further needed insights regarding our product feel free to reach us at